New iC3D Suite modeling tools include unique Tie-top Bag template

October 26th, 2021 – Creative Edge Software, developer of the award-winning all-in-one iC3D packaging design software, has announced the latest version release of iC3D Suite including new design templates and Apple compatibility upgrades.

iC3D Suite already offers the industry’s largest library of modeling templates for digital packaging design and prototyping. With these three new templates – Tie-top Bag, Blister Pack, and Cellophane Wrap – users can quickly create a wide variety of everyday products notoriously difficult to visualize accurately. The Tie- top Bag template, made possible through unique iC3D technology features – Physics Simulator, UVW Editor and Real-World Lighting – is an industry-first. Each template can be modified and customized to accommodate a variety of package contents. 

“It requires very powerful technology to be able to visualize a flexible bag with realistic gathers and folds, light reflections and highlights. That is precisely why there has never been such a template before,” comments Mark Hardaker, Vice President of Sales. “We continuously work with our customers to develop the features they need in iC3D and a tie-top bag is one that has long been requested. It’s another significant milestone for our development team to keep us consistently ahead of the game. But of course, this is no time to sit back and relax. As long as brand managers and creative teams keep coming up with new ideas and more product lines, we’ll be finding ways to visualize them.”  

Keeping up with the latest Apple technology, the new iC3D version is compatible with the new M1 powered Macs with the ARM processor. 

A Zoom to Margins feature completes the lineup of the key product upgrades. Working with iC3D Ray Tracer, the new feature allows users to export their high-resolution ray-traced images and automatically fit to a specific margin setting for rendering. 

Available immediately, existing iC3D Suite customers will be upgraded to the new version automatically. Current iC3D Designer and iC3D Modeller customers can purchase the new Premium Template package on the online store, or upgrade their license to the full iC3D Suite. 

A series of short video guides on using each template is available on iC3D YouTube channel, where visitors can also find a wide range of additional iC3D tutorials, tips, and feature overviews.


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