Two dedicated areas showcase the imagination, innovation and design ingenuity of iC3D users across a broad range of packaging applications. Exploring form, function and simple shelf appeal, mockups in 2D and 3D illustrate how ideas can accelerate with iC3D.


Whether they’re brands you’re familiar with, conceptual musings, or ideas that were eventually canned, our 2D Gallery features a variety of images created in an instant to bring life to a notion. Appearing in sales settings and consumer environments or given the full studio treatment, each photorealistic visual is all the proof that’s needed to take an idea to the next stage.


To understand the full power of iC3D, check out the 3D Opsis Gallery. A jewel in the crown of the iC3D experience, Opsis allows everyone to see the designer’s vision – every facet and detail, from any angle or perspective. Go take it for a spin!
(It may take a few seconds to load but we can promise it’s worth the wait.)