Launch of iC3D 6.0, with largest presence at Labelexpo

Development with API Group delivers a digital library of customizable specialist print finishes including Fresnel Lens and holographic effects

September 11th, 2019 – Creative Edge Software, developer of the award-winning all-in-one iC3D packaging design software, will launch iC3D 6.0 at Labelexpo 2019 (Booth 8A10), with a direct appeal to print service providers to consider the new commercial opportunities on offer. Developed through close cooperation with the API Group, the new iC3D v6.0 is focused on specialist high-end print finish materials such as foils and laminates, including holographic and Fresnel Lens effects.

Holographic and Fresnel Lens effects give consumers the impression of quality and exclusivity while also ensuring an extra level of security for packaged products.

According to Nick Gilmore, CEO of Creative Edge Software, specialist materials are increasingly attractive for labeling and packaging embellishment today but their design and manufacture are complex: “Holographic and Fresnel Lens effects as used by premium brands have become the go-to devices for giving consumers the impression of quality and exclusivity. In the age of fake, they also ensure an extra level of security for packaged products,” says Gilmore.

“For high-end impact and assurance, you need to sample and trial your design more than ever, but physical mockups are especially expensive and time-consuming. With 6.0 we’re opening up the creative opportunities to use and invent special effects like never before.”

Announcing a unique circular capability, “design meets production meets design”, Creative Edge Software is introducing iC3D v6.0 as a world first. It allows packagers not only to visualize but also custom-design new Fresnel Lens effects or holographic materials. The photo-realistic technology is made possible by the iC3D Ray Tracer, which instantly renders images and effects in high definition and is essential for accurately conveying the optical effects of the materials due to their use of multiple layers of light reflection and refraction.

In the development with API Group, iC3D technologists generated algorithms to visually describe the different angles that create the foils’ effects. This model was used to embed API’s library of foils and holographic materials into the new iC3D. They then created an editing capability allowing the iC3D user to adjust individual angles and data to design a customized effect. Coming full circle, should the material be approved through to final production, the bespoke data can be used by API to custom manufacture a unique foil. For label and packaging print providers, iC3D 6.0 presents the opportunity to provide zero-waste proofs and offer new premium capabilities to customers.

Creative Edge Software (Booth 8A10) is running 6.0 live alongside premium label and packaging models for physical comparison, which are also available on the API Group booth (5E17). Four Pees (3C17) and Hybrid Software (8B24) will also showcase the full range of new 6.0 features, including:

  1. – Fresnel Lens Effects, including Fresnel Editor and Pattern Editor
  2. – Enhanced Holograms, including the ability to create original hologram designs
  3. – Dark GUI, redesigned with layout and features to improve ease-of-use and seamless crossover with Adobe® Illustrator
  4. – GS1® Product Image Specification presets, to conform with the latest standards on digital imaging and storage of images associated to products
  • Commenting on the cooperation, Richard Burhouse, Group Marketing Director of API Group: “This has been an exciting project to be involved in and offers many extremely positive benefits for customers, from time, cost and environmental savings through to better decision making that ultimately drives sales. This approach bridges the gap between 2D design and 3D mock-up and in the case of custom holography, this gap often requires a not insignificant investment, which is now easily overcome.”

“Quite apart from having some of the most breathtaking materials in their portfolio, API has been the perfect partner for us in this process,” says Gilmore. “Their technologists have really embraced the opportunity to collaborate with our developers, making the project challenging and fascinating in equal measure, as well as rewarding of course. We’re delighted with the results and very confident our customers will be too.”

iC3D v6.0 is a world first that allows packagers to visualize and also custom-design new Fresnel Lens effects or holographic materials.