IC3D Software wins Gasc Must See Ems Award

Breakthrough application brings Real-Time 3D visualization and desktop simplicity to professional-level packaging ideation & design

The CGS booth at PRINT 13 in Chicago (number 2644) will feature the worldwide launch of a revolutionary new product for the packaging industry. IC3D Suite, the world’s first real-time 3D packaging visualization, ideation, and design application, has won a “Must See ’Ems” award from this year’s GASC judges.

“We’re happy to be recognized for our tradition of bringing the most innovative new products to the graphic arts and production industries,” said CEO Trevor Haworth. “Printing companies seeking new revenue opportunities—and new ways to control costs—should by all means visit this year’s booth. We’re especially excited about introducing IC3D Suite, which promises to be a sea change moment for the packaging side of the industry.”

CGS has a long history of introducing innovative products that have won “Must See ’Ems” and “Worth a Look” recognition. This year, the company also received two InterTech Technology Awards from the Printing Industries of America—for Aproove and for ORIS Lynx.


IC3D Suite has been created by an innovative development team at Creative Edge Software. It is the first application to combine multiple packaging disciplines and processes into a single product. The technology, which beautifully simplifies 3D, applies to packaging design for bottles, flexible packages, cartons, bags, plastic containers, cans, and more. It uses a patented Auto Mesh Mapping process allowing labels and artwork to be placed accurately on complex packaging models in Real Time—as opposed to tedious UVW mapping of texture coordinates by a third party specialist. It includes a direct link to Adobe Illustrator, allowing 2D artwork to be mapped onto 3D models as base artwork or as labels. The results are output from IC3D Suite as PDF files, hi-resolution images or as a movie for collaboration between stakeholders on computers, phones and tablets. Finished models can also be 3D printed on the latest commercial 3D printers using its STL file export capability for rapid prototyping.

IC3D Suite can import models from all major 3D applications using common file interchange standards used in packaging, including Collada, Modo, 3DS Max, Wavefront, Lightwave, and Milkshape 3D. Where a pre-existing model is not available, the user may use IC3D’s Custom Model Generation Service to create the desired model. It also includes a library of common packaging models and templates, which can be modified and added to a project via simple drag-and-drop. IC3D also provides easy importing and creation of sophisticated packaging materials like refracting glass, metallic effects, holographics, or even lenticular effects.


IC3D Suite will be available in September. Prices start at $12,500, for a single user license (Mac, Windows). Multiple licenses are also available. It will be demonstrated during PRINT 13 in Chicago, September 8-12, 2013, at the CGS booth (2644).

For more information about IC3D Suite, or to schedule a demo or interview at PRINT 13, contact Kate Barr (kate@cgsusa.com or 612-870-0061).



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