Latest IC3D News

Additional staffing of key QA personnel and 3D modellers within Creative Edge Software has meant the R&D development team have been able to simultaneously develop IC3D Suite for both PC and Macintosh platforms.

Early support of both platforms was seen as crucial based on market feedback from numerous customer visits. IC3D Suite allows many CAD and 3D file formats to be imported as well as working seamlessly with Adobe Creative Suite and Illustrator CS6 products. The wide appeal of IC3D Suite meant that various users who were using specific computer platforms and operating systems for very specific tasks wanted a solution that would “fit in” with the way they worked.

Although many creatives and agencies use Macs almost exclusively for design work, in the CAD , Packaging, 3D and gaming world the PC was ever present and in some departments working in a mixed environment the ability to be able to switch and use IC3D Suite on either platform was seen as a critical requirement.