Package Design & the “Moment of Truth”

Package Design and the Moment of Truth

Package design is a combination of art and science. Success depends on many things. But often those things compete. A retail package has to be practical. The contents can’t fall out, get crushed, or easily spoil. In addition, it has to tell a story—preferably short, truthful, and compelling. Yes, I know. The story is basically… Read more

Packaging Sustainability: How to Make the Right Decisions

3D Packaging Software - How to Make the Right Decisions

When it comes to environmental sustainability, consumer product packaging often has a bad reputation. After all, landfills do contain plastic packaging that will take eons to disintegrate, and the debate over oceanic “garbage patches” rages on. Consumers are increasingly sensitive to packaging sustainability issues—to a degree that affects their purchase decisions. It’s not always a… Read more